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The Authentic Japan Tour presented by Japanet

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Discover the Beauty of Japan

Experience the ultimate luxury cruise of southern Japan for a memorable holiday, an important anniversary, or a reward to yourself.

The Authentic Japan Tour presented by Japanet 3/30-4/12/2024

A 13 day excursion to experience Japan's nature, culture and cuisine during the beautiful spring season.

Your journey begins on the SILVER MOON, cruise through southern Japan and end with an exciting 3 days in Tokyo, all experiences hand picked by Japanet for a truly unique experience.

About Japanet
Established 38 years ago, Japanet is a leading Mail Order and TV shopping company in Japan. We entered the cruise business in 2017, and have welcomed aboard over 70,000 so far. In fact, in 2023 we were honored with the Cruise of the Year Award, given to the industry's most innovative and greatest contributor.

Japanet Cruise's commitment

High-speed Wi-Fi on board

Pocket Wi-Fi for sightseeing

Inclusive shore excursions



Welcome to the

Among Silversea fleets, "SILVER MOON"
will be launched in 2024 for the first time in Japan.

With a total of 283 cabins
which are all suite rooms and come with butler services.
Spacious and sophisticated facilities
are available throughout the ship for leisure.

Ship DataAs of June 2023
Total length: 698 ft
Maximum number of passengers: 596 people
Number of decks: 8
Number of crew: 411
Launch: 2020
Gross tonnage: 40,700 tons
Butler Since our founding,
we have cherished the service of never saying no.

Exclusive Butler in Your Room for a Comfortable Daily Cruise

Our personalized signature butler service to every suite and enjoy a wealth of venues.

At SILVERSEA, all rooms come with a butler and highly qualified patrollers trained in British etiquette. Understanding our guests' tastes and needs to provide an attentive, personalized service.

Start Your Day Right
with Your Favorite Coffee

Our butlers fulfill various requests.
In addition to making specialty restaurant
reservations and arranging room service,
we can help with multiple things,
such as packing your belongings and
shining your shoes.

Interacting with the Butler is Part of the Fun

The crew at SILVERSEA are welcoming and friendly. You can use our services with peace of mind, as we provide a relaxed approach and listen carefully to passengers' requests. Attention to detail can make an immense difference in how fulfilling your cruise trip is.

Images only. Subject to change.


In an Intellectual Space,
Time Flows Slowly

The art and decor are all works of art created by famous artists.
Spend time surrounded by genuine art.
Many facilities, such as a cigar bar and library, suits the tastes of our distinguished guests, so you are sure to find a place to wind down.

Relaxing Bathtub

A spacious bathtub and separate shower are installed, which is rare on a cruise ship.

Luxury Brand Amenities

We offer a bath collection with the lingering scent of high-quality and refined fragrances.

Choose Your Favorite Pillow

From several types of pillows, you can choose the one that suits you the most in terms of height and softness.

Minibar to Suit Your Tastes

The minibar is stocked with your favorite drinks, so you can drink as much as you wish whenever you please.

Free Wi-Fi Access

Unlimited high-speed internet you can use without worry even at sea.

Onboard Newspaper

We provide daily information on restaurant and bar opening hours, dress codes, shore excursions, activities, and more.

All Suite Rooms

High-Quality Suite Rooms

The guest rooms are decorated in pale colors and stylish furniture to soothe the excitement of the day's adventures and allow you to reflect on your day.
Soak in the bathtub and think about tomorrow's journey.
Comfortable, smooth bedding and bathrobes are provided.
SILVERSEA's ships offer a space where you can feel at home.

A personal, pleasant space.

Private balcony with an open feel.

Welcome champagne.

Luxury bathroom with bathtub.

World famous amenities as well as linen from Rivolta Carmignani, founded in 1867 has been synonymous with top quality.

Spacious walk-in closet.


Rich caviar at your disposal.

1 Ship, 8 Restaurants:
A Splendid Gourmet Feast

SILVER MOON has adopted the concept of not having a leading restaurant. From a total of eight restaurants,
you can choose a restaurant at your convenience, depending on your mood.
We offer a variety of meals, from French to Japanese,
so every day is filled with new tastes and endless excitement.
Chefs with worldwide experience are onboard,
so partake in dishes made with unique creativity to your heart's content.

Menu and images are a sample. Subject to change.


The taste will be unforgettable even after you leave, making you want to come back time after time.


Hospitality Provided by a World-Class, Michelin Star Chef


Read more

La Terrazza

Traditional Italian Food Made with Authentic Ingredients

Reservation required
for dinner only.


Ocean Breeze, Endless Starry Skies, and a Gorgeous Grill on the Open Deck

Reservation required
for dinner only.

La Dame

Beautiful, Artistic
French Gastronomy

Reservation required


Casual but Authentic:
15 Choices of Pizza


Japanese Cuisine

Reservation required
for dinner only.


A Sensational Evening of Jazz and a Selection of Premium Alcohol

Reservation required

Japanet's exlusive offerings on the SILVER MOON

7 Year Michelin Star restaurant 'Suzunari' Chef offering authentic Japanese delicacies everyday of your trip.

Grilled abalone and spiny lobster with ginger sauce

Sea bream salad served with kelp

Learn and experience Japanese culture through these various events

Origami cranes are a symbol of peace

Let’s everyone make 1,000 paper origami cranes to pray for peace.

Traditional Japanese Board Games

Learn to play shogi - Japanese chess and Go, a strategic board game in a battle of territory.

Sake Tasting Event

Experience sake from all over Japan with many unique notes of sweet, bitter, fruity and many more.

Itinerary & Excursions

Scenic Japan Cruiseby SILVER MOON

This trip will undoubtedly introduce you to the new charms of Japan.
We will visit 7 ports of call while enjoying Japan's astounding
scenery of full-bloom spring.


SAT, March 30

02Kumano, Shingu

SUN, March 31
From 9:00 - 17:45

Port information Excursions


MON, April 01
From 6:00 - 18:00

Port information Excursions

04Full sea day

05BusanSouth Korea

WED, April 03
From 9:45 - 19:30

Port information Excursions


THU, April 04
From 8:00 - 16:00

Port information Excursions


FRI, April 05
From 9:00 - 18:00

Port information Excursions

08Amami Oshima

SAT, April 06
From 9:00 - 18:00

Port information Excursions

09Full sea day

Full sea day

10Ise Shima

MON, April 08
From 7:00 - 17:00

Port information Excursions


TUE, April 09

The Gods Dwell
in This Nature

3/31 Sun



This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather. Image only. Subject to change.

Visit the Famous "Nachi Falls" and
Ancient Sacred Mountains

Kumano is a place where mountains overlap
and deep forests spread out. It's believed that gods
reside in the unique natural formations created by the earth.
Nachi Falls, which also appears in the Kojiki,
has been one of the centers of Kumano worship
since ancient times. Pilgrimages to the Kumano Sanzan
are said to be the beginning of Japanese travel,
and has since become a spiritual place for people.


Nachi Falls

Nachi Falls, which people have long revered as a sacred object of Hitaki Shrine, a separate shrine of Kumano Nachi Taisha, is one of Japan's three great waterfalls. In 2004, it was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site as a "Sacred Site and Pilgrimage Route in the Kii Mountain Range."

Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka

The moss-covered stone steps and cedar trees give it a perfect wabi-sabi ambience. You can also walk around Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine wearing ancient Heian attire.

Kishu Katsuura Raw Tuna

We boast one of the largest catches in the country, and you can enjoy fresh tuna that's full of flavor.

The Awa and Naruto
Whirlpools that fill our
lives have shaped
history and culture.

4/1 Mon


This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

Our Blue Ocean
Made History and Culture

With the clear blue skies and transparent seas,
Naruto's whirlpools are a natural wonder
that will draw you in. In Oboke and Koboke,
with their deep valleys and sparkling jade-colored river surface.
Awa Ai was the birthplace of Awa Dance,
Awa Ningyo Joruri, and the historical townscape
of Udatsu from the Edo Period.
You can feel the indigo color known as "Japan Blue" everywhere in Tokushima.


Otsuka Museum of Art

More than 1,000 Western masterpieces are reproduced in full size on ceramic plates, allowing you to experience masterpieces from around the world while in Japan. There are also reproductions of entire rooms themselves.

Awa Katsuura Sakura Festival

During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy a boat ride through the Ikina Roman Kaido, a waterway lined with cherry blossom trees stretching approximately 2km(1.24m) along the Ikina Tani River.

Awa Odori (Awa Dance)

At the Awa Odori Hall, you can watch Awa Odori all year round.

A precious moment
passing under the bridge.

Day of
Full Sea Day

Seto Inland Sea

This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.
Itinerary may change due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather or sea conditions.
Seto Inland Sea cruises may pass through the coast of Shikoku.
*This route is an image.

Similar to the Aegean Sea,
A Popular Route Made Possible
by Small Passenger Ships

On this trip, we will pass through the Seto Inland Sea on the route from Tokushima to our next port of call, Busan.
Japan's largest inland sea is made up of approximately 700 scenic islands of various sizes.
It's often sunny throughout the year and the waves are calm,
so it's also known as Japan's Aegean Sea.
A graceful cruising experience where you can
admire the changing scenery on the opposite shore
in a quiet atmosphere different from the ocean.
Enjoy the ocean breeze as time moves slowly.



Gentle waves and the morning sun.


The ship is able to sail between the islands.


Lemon cultivation is widespread, taking advantage of the warm climate of the Seto Inland Sea.

History with Modern Day
Makes a Fascinating
South Korea

4/3 Wed


[South Korea]

This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

South Korea's Largest Port Town

South Korea's maritime city and
the country's largest trading port, developed while housing
many refugees during the Korean War
and is now a beloved tourist city.
Busan's charm is multifaceted, with Marine City,
where gorgeous skyscrapers and seascapes harmoniously
create a unique atmosphere,
delicious food stalls,
and traditional markets selling rare vintage items.
South Korea is a country full of advanced
and historical charisma.


Gamcheon Culture Village

With colorful houses lined up on the slopes,this is an art-oriented alley village that's also known as "Korean Machu Picchu."

Jagalchi Market

More than 300 types of seafood are brought in one after the other to the market before dawn. Bask in the lively atmosphere of the market.


Samgyeopsal is grilled meat made from sliced pork belly and is one of Korea's most representative dishes.

One WorldHarmony in Diversity

4/4 Thu


This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

Nagasaki is a Melting Pot Full of
Culture and Exoticism

During the Edo period, under the national isolation policy,
Nagasaki was one of the only prefectures to
have open boarders.
Nagasaki is an international city that flourishes
as a window for trade with other countries.
The culture that has developed uniquely through
the intersection of Japanese (Japan), Chinese (China),
and Dutch (Western countries such as the Netherlands)
continues to permeate throughout the city,
as its footprints can be seen everywhere.
Peace Park is also home to cherry blossom trees,
which have been gifted and planted
to symbolize alliance and friendship
between other countries as
we continue to send prayers for world peace.


Oura Cathedral

The site of the unique discovery of believers in the history of the world religions, and is the oldest existing Christian building in Japan. After the damage caused by the atomic bomb was repaired, it was redesigned as a national treasure in 1953. The Oura Cathedral is also one of the constituent assets of the "Hidden Christian Sites in Nagasaki and Amakusa Region", which was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2018.

Glover Garden

Glover Garden is located on Minami-Yamate Hill overlooking the panoramic view of Nagasaki Port. The former Glover House was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015 as a "Site of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution:Iron and Steel Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, and Coal Industry."

A Respected,
Dynamic Scene

4/5 Fri


This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

Rich Soil & Sea Atmosphere
Satsuma is Where You Can Feel
the Prosperity of Nature

Kagoshima is known for its diverse natural beauty,
including the sea, islands, volcanoes, and plateaus.
The food grown from its rich nature, the history that has had
a major impact on the changes in Japan, and the traditional
crafts that have been carefully passed down captivate the
hearts of travelers. Feel amazed by the spectacular view,
or relax in the hot springs and enjoy delicious food.
A visit to Kagoshima is sure to satisfy your soul.



The garden, which offers a beautiful and majestic view of Kinko Bay and Sakurajima, is a tourist attraction that represents Kagoshima. Sengan-en was also a place that led Japan's modernization and the entire area was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015 as a "Site of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution".

Ibusuki Sand Steam Bath

A method of bathing in which you are buried in sand warmed by the heat of the hot springs gushing from the coast. Surrounded by the sound of waves and warm sand, you can feel a sense of unity with nature in the magnificent outdoors.

Satsuma Kiriko

Glasswork was born in the Satsuma domain at the end of the Edo period. The glass is characterized by its bright and clear colors, and its unique gradation called "bokashi" is attractive.

A Mysterious Blue Color That Captivates Your Heart at First Sight

4/6 Sat

Amami Oshima


This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

A Mysterious Island Full of Distinctive Cultures
Where You Can Take a Deep Breath

Sea, mountains, rivers, sky.
A rich diversity of nature can be found in all directions on this island.
The abundant rain that falls in the deep mountains nurtures rich
forests, which eventually return to the sea
in the form of nutrient rich rivers.
An island where everything circulates and life is thriving.
Many spectacular views created by nature will welcome you.


Ohama Coast

A beautiful coast with white sand and blue sea.

Oshima Tsumugi

A traditional silk fabric from Amami Oshima, with a glossy black color created by mud dyeing. A beautiful pattern inspired by the nature of Amami Oshima.

Kuroshio Mangrove Park

A popular spot where you can experience canoeing through the mangroves. You can also take a walk through the Mangrove National Park Reserve.

Ise, the Sacred Area at the Origin of Japan

4/8 Mon

Ise Shima


This scenery may vary depending on the season and weather.Image only. Subject to change.

A Land Rich in History and Nature, Watched Over by Amaterasu Omikami

Ise Jingu is a collective name for 125 shrines,
and its official name is "Jingu."
Naiku enshrines Amaterasu Omikami,
the ancestral deity of the imperial family,
and was founded in 4 BC on the banks of the Isuzu River.
Giant trees grow thick on the approach to the outer shrine,
and the main shrine is dedicated to the god of clothing,
food, and shelter. Surrounded by a vast and
deep forest that has been protected since ancient times.
Immerse yourself in this holy place.


Ise Grand Shrine Inner Shrine Uji-bashi Torii

Ise Grand Shrine's official name is "Jingu," and the inner shrine enshrines Amaterasu Omikami,the guardian deity of the Japanese people.

Cherry Blossoms at Uji-bashi

A bridge to a sacred place after passing through the torii gate.The view of Isuzu River and cherry blossoms is a must-see.

Ise Jingu Outer Shrine
(Toyouke Daijingu Shrine)

The shrine enshrined in the Geku is Toyouke Omikami, who is in charge of the food offered to Amaterasu Omikami. We pray for gratitude and the blessings of nature.

3/31 Sun.

Excursions FREE

Kumano Hongu Taisha & Kumano Hayatama Taisha Tour - Lunch at a long-established restaurant

Kumano,Shingu_main Kumano Hayatama Taisha Honden(Main Hall)

Exclusive Tour of the Shrines

Partake in the ‘Mikakiuchi’ prayer at Hongu Taisha, normally reserved for those staying overnight and have recieved prior approval, in an area of the shrine closed to the public as it is closer to ‘god’ and more sacred. At Hayatama Taisha, experience a painting interpretation and sermon by a Shinto priest.

Japanese-style 'Ryotei'
restaurant loved by locals

kumano_sub01 Locals come on special occasions to enjoy this Kaiseki-style, traditional Japanese restaurant.

  • ■Lunch Included
  • ※Reaching Kumano Hongu Taisha requires climbing 160 steps. Please wear comfortable shoes.

[Tour itinerary]

  • Depart from the Port
  • Hayatama Taisha
    (approx. 70min)
  • Kaiseki Lunch (Shingu City)
    (approx. 70min)
  • Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine Oyunohara
    (approx. 100min) kumano_sub02 photo by Wakakayama Tourism Federation
  • Arrive at the Port

4/1 Mon.

Excursions FREE

Enjoy the Udatsu townscape and hands-on experience

tokushima_main Udatsu is the traditional roof architecture which serve as the dividers between houses and prevent the spread of fires.

Time travel to the historical town of Udatsu flourished with Indigo distribution

Nationally preserved Udatsu area datess back to 17th century Japan during the Edo to early Showa era

Experience the beauty of deep blue by indigo dyeing

The museum of the Okumura family offers an immersive exploration of the indigo dyeing tradition, providing visitors with an experience that encompasses education, cultural enrichment, and participation in a revered craft. This unique offering contributes to the preservation and celebration of Japan’s indigo heritage. tokushima_sub01 tokushima_sub02

  • ■Lunch Included

【Tour Itinerary】

  • Depart from the Port
  • Free stroll in the traditional town of Udatsu
    (approx. 90min) tokushima_sub03
  • Local cuisine in Tokushima
    (approx. 60min)
  • Aizumichorekishikan Ai no yakata
    (Indigo House)
    (approx. 40min)
  • Arrive at the Port

05Busan[South Korea]
4/3 Wed.

Excursions FREE

Blue sea and colorful streets of Haeundae Beach Train and Gamcheon Culture Village

busan_main Gamcheon Culture Village

"Machu Picchu of Busan"
(Gamcheon Culture Village)

Stroll through the picturesque streets with houses lined up like a beautiful painting and alleys adorned with art - a perfect photo spot.

Train ride by the abandoned railway with breathtaking views

busan_sub01 Busan Tourism Information Ride the Haeundae Beach Train and enjoy the open, spacious views of the entire city and beautiful coast.

  • ■Lunch Included
  • ※Due to the food culture, the dishes may be served on large shared plates.
  • ※Beach Train may be canceled during strong winds or bad weather.

【Tour Itinerary】

  • Depart from the Port
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
    (approx. 70min)
  • Cheongdam - Korean lunch
    (approx. 75min)
  • Shinsegae Department Store
    (approx. 70min)
  • Haeundae Blue Line Park Beach train
    (approx. 50min)
  • Gwangan Bridge
  • Arrive at the Port

4/4 Thu.

Excursions FREE

Private Gunkanjima Island Cruise

nagasaki_main Gunkanjima Island

Symbol of Japan's Industrial Revolution

Discover the remains of the coal mining islands bustling industrial peak. The island housed more than 5,000, considered one of the most densely populated areas in the world. In its heyday the mines were operational 24 hours a day.

Lunch with a view of the entire cityscape of Nagasaki

Lunch will be prepared with local ingredients of the mountains and the sea. Enjoy the beautiful, particularly charming views of the many hillside slopes of Nagasaki.

  • ■Lunch Included
  • ※Weather conditions may deem landing on Gunkanjima dangerous, in such case there will be a different cruise tour.
  • ※If the Gunkanjima cruise requires cancellation, it will be partially refunded and replaced with Glover Garden and Oura Church.
  • ※A liability waiver will be required for the Gunkanjima Cruise.

[Tour itinerary]

  • Depart from the Port
  • Gunkanjima Digital Museum (approx.30min)
  • Gunkanjima
    (ferry ride and sightseeing)
  • Lunch in Nagasaki City
  • Arrive at the port

4/5 Fri.

Excursions FREE

The magnificient view of Sakurajima,
from Sengan-en garden

kagoshima_main World Cultural Heritage Sengan-en

The World Cultural Heritage,
Sengan-en built about 350 years ago

The traditional Sengan-en offers a breathtaking overlook of Kinko Bay, setting the stage for visitors to immerse themselves in the historical significance and natural beauty of the surroundings.
Allowing guests to envision the lives of prominent historical figures such as Princess Atsu from the Edo era and Takamori Saigo, a pivotal figure in the restoration of the imperial rule during the 19th century.

Ferry ride to the beautiful island of Sakurajima

The ferry to Sakurajima island running 24 hours a day, offers travelers a swift 15 mins from mainland to island.
The remarkable views that greet passengers upon arrival serve as a prelude to the captivating landscapes and natural wonders awaiting exploration.

  • ■Lunch Included

【Tour Itinerary】

  • Depart from the Port
  • Ferry to Sakurajima island
  • Yunohira Observatory
  • Roadside rest area,
    'Sakurajima Hinoshima Megumikan'
  • Ferry to Sakurajima island
  • Local cuisine in Kagoshima
  • Sengan-en Garden
  • Arrive at the port

4/6 Sat.

Excursions FREE

Traditional Mud-Dyeing at Oshima Tsumugi Village - Amami Specialty Chicken Lunch

amami_main Oshima Tsumugi ©K.P.V.B Oshima Tsumugi(Kimono)

Oshima tsumugi silk production tour and mud dyeing experience

Observe the making of the Oshima tsumugi silk at Oshima Village located within 12 acres of subtropical nature grounds. You can also experience mud dyeing by making your own original tsumugi handkerchief.

Amami's famous chicken bowl while enjoying shimauta (Okinawan folk music)

During the Edo era, this chicken bowl was made to host officials from Satsuma. The flavorful chicken broth soup compliments the chicken. Enjoy while listening to the folk songs rooted in this region.

  • ■Lunch Included
  • ※Apron and boots available for mud dyeing but please wear comfortable and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

【Tour Itinerary】

  • Depart from the Port
  • Ayamaru Misaki Park
  • Tatsugo-town - Chicken Bowl Lunch
  • Oshima Tsumugi Village Tour and mud dyeing
  • Arrive at the port

10Ise Shima
4/8 Mon.

Excursions FREE

Ise Jingu Inner and Outer Sanctuary - Expert Guided Tour

iseshima_main Ise Grand Shrine Geku
(Toyouke Daijingu Shrine) ©Ise City Tourism Association

Expert tour guide from Oise-san

A highly certified Oise-san tour guide will take you through the history and hidden details of the legendary shrine. Their deep level of knowledge will make for a memorable tour.

Tekone Sushi(local fisherman's meal) and Ise Udon(extra thick noodles originated from local farmers)

Our final port of call is Ise. Enjoy the refreshing local delicacies originated from the local fisherman and farmers that has become a must-eat when visiting Ise.

【Tour Itinerary】

  • Depart from the Port
  • Ise Jingu Outer Sanctuary
  • Ise Jingu Inner Sanctuary
  • Oharai-machi - lunch, sightseeing, shopping
    (approx.120min) ©Ise City Tourism Association
  • Arrive at the Port

Explore TOKYO,

After disembarking from the cruise, enjoy three days centered around Tokyo. We have prepared a profound travel experience - "Real Tokyo," "Traditional Experience," and our "History and Nature" tours.

We have arranged for a luxurious hotel in Tokyo for three days,
allowing you to leave your luggage in the room and explore the city effortlessly


In 1878, Aritomo Yamagata, a veteran of the Meiji era, built a garden and residence there, which he named Chinzanso. Even now, as time has passed, the beautiful garden has been carefully preserved, and visitors are captivated by the uniquely Japanese hospitality and world-class service.

Prime deluxe room

The room is based on beige and celadon colors, giving you a sense of unity with the garden. It has a spacious structure with a powder space and large closet, allowing you to stay comfortably even though it is an unusual experience.


It is an oasis-like place filled with rich nature that resembles a forest, making it hard to believe that you are in Tokyo. Enjoy the beautiful garden filled with the colors of the four seasons.


Experience Tokyo!
Explore Tokyo, which is centrally located in the Japanese archipelago and serves as the center of politics, economy, and trends.
It attracts tourists from around the world to enjoy top attractions, diverse activities, and Japanese culinary culture.

Car Service
A private taxi will guide you through the streets of Tokyo, ensuring a relaxed sightseeing experience.
*Image is for illustration purposes

Itinerary Highlights

1. Must go Tour Stops

We will guide you through the recommended spots to feel the essence of Tokyo. Feel free to consult with our staff to accommodate your preferences.

2. Not your Typical Restaurants

Nigiri by a master sushi chef in front of your eyes, private restaurant serving wagyu beef.

3. Private car service for each group

For a day of Tokyo sightseeing, we provide a dedicated car for your convenience. Enjoy Tokyo's attractions and gourmet options without worrying about your luggage.
*limited to 4 people per car.

*The image is an image

Course(Sample route)

Asakusa Senso-ji - Kaminarimon

Tokyo's oldest temple, with the famous Kaminarimon, is a popular spot and a symbol of Asakusa.

Tokyo Skytree

The world's tallest tower at 634 meters, offering a panoramic view of the Kanto region from the observation deck at 350 meters above ground.

High-end sushi restaurant

Savor sushi crafted by skilled artisans. Enjoy the charm of Japanese culture and cuisine to the fullest.


A major electronics district known for its concentration of electronic stores. Popular for anime, manga goods, and idol events, Akihabara is a hub for anime culture.


Located in the center of Tokyo, Shibuya is known for landmarks like SHIBUYA109 and the Hachiko Square intersection, bustling with young people and international tourists.


With an international following, WAGYUMAFIA is a member-only wagyu restaurant bringing high energy, authentic wagyu experiences to the world. This is a special, one-time opportunity to try this exclusive restaurant.

The scenery and images are only for references, and may vary from the actual scenery depending on weather conditions.


Explore Hakone by Shinkansen!
Hakone, located in Kanagawa Prefecture,
is known for its history as a bustling post town
and remains a popular resort and sightseeing destination.
Enjoy the scenic beauty of Hakone's mountains and volcanic activity, including active volcanoes like Owakudani, as well as hot spring areas.

Shinkansen to Hakone
The Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen, operates at a maximum speed of 285 km/h, connecting Tokyo to Hakata.


Itinerary Highlights

1. Hakone Trip by Shinkansen

Experience Japan's nature to the fullest with a trip to Hakone via the Shinkansen. Enjoy the scenery while dining and savoring drinks on board.

2. Private Hot Spring with a view

We have prepared a private hot spring room for you to enjoy the natural beauty. Appreciate the Japanese-style relaxation while gazing at Mount Fuji.

3. Tea Room with a view of Mount Fuji

Take a break at a tea room by Lake Ashi, enjoying the view of Mount Fuji and tasting traditional Japanese sweets.

*The image is an image


Odawara Castle

A symbol of Odawara, built around the 15th century. It is known as the impenetrable castle and is associated with many historical figures such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Hakone Onsen

Relax in the private hot springs from the comfort of your room. Feel the Japanese spirit by wearing a yukata on the tatami mats with a view of the beautiful outdoors.

Hakone Ropeway

A sightseeing ropeway that connects Hakone Yumoto Station to Lake Ashi Station. You can see Mt. Fuji from the all-glass interior of the car.

"chaya honjin HOTORIYA"

Enjoy the view of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji while indulging in the popular dango made on shichirin grill.


Founded in 1933, this famous tempura restaurant served the Showa Emperor. Freshly fried tempura is prepared right in front of you, making use of the craftsmanship and flavor of carefully selected ingredients.

The scenery and images are only for references, and may vary from the actual scenery depending on weather conditions.


Feel the "Old Edo"!
Sumo Stable visit and a taste of Chanko-nabe,
The Prestigious 'Takasago Beya' opens its door
to their morning 'keiko' or training session
for their upcoming tournament.
After the session the wrestlers will serve you
their 'Chanko' meal which is unique to each stable and an essential part of their nutrition.

Jinrikisha (Rickshaw)
A guide takes you on a ride around the classic sights to hidden spots frequented by locals.


Itinerary Highlights

1. Chanko-nabe at a Sumo Stable

After observing the morning training of sumo, Japan's national sport, enjoy Chanko-nabe, a hot pot dish made from secret recipes of each sumo stable, served by active sumo wrestlers. Later, head to Kawagoe, known as 'Little Edo.'

2. Rickshaw ride in Kawagoe

Explore Kawagoe's historical streets with a rickshaw puller, visiting both classic attractions and hidden local spots known only to residents.

3. Traditional Cultural Experience in Kawagoe

Relax with a traditional tea break in a renovated 120-year-old folk house. Experience the charm of a historic tea house.

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Sumo Stable visit

The representative martial art of Japan known as 'Sumo.' Experience the essential 'Chanko' meal that contributes to the robust physique of sumo wrestlers as they train and collide in the prestigious "Takasago Beya," one of the leading sumo stables.

"1901 TEA SALON"

A modern Japanese cafe built in a renovated storehouse built in 1901. You can enjoy Japanese tea and sweets in a quaint space that was built 120 years ago.

Kawagoe Gofuku-ten(Kimono Dressing)

Experience the beauty of Kawagoe's Nishiki textiles, known for their elegant qualities, woven from cotton fibers. Enjoy a stroll through the town in a kimono.

Kashiya Yokocho
(Sweet Shop Alley)

A charming spot with dozens of shops line a stone-paved road adorned with multicolored glass. It provides a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the Showa era, creating a simple yet delightful experience.

Former sake brewery
(tour/sake tasting experience)

This facility was built by renovating the building of the former Kagamiyama Sake Brewery, which was founded in 1875. We have a large selection of sake from all of Saitama Prefecture, all available for tasting.

Make your own Japanese Sweets

By carefully baking each piece using meticulously selected dough, you can experience making this traditional, flavorful Rice crackers.

Exclusive Members Only Japanese Restaurant

We invite you to a restaurant that is not open to the public. The master chefs will accommodate your requests and provide you with an unforgettable meal.

The scenery and images are only for references, and may vary from the actual scenery depending on weather conditions.

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